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Join an interdisciplinary community of scholars that will elevate, enrich and enliven your college experience. The Davidson Honors College at the University of Montana brings together talented, motivated learners from all over the nation and the world, offering a flexible, personalized honors program for students in any major.

Students completing required Honors College classes and experiences (including a capstone research or creative project) graduate as University Scholars – UM's highest academic honor. Highlighted by distinctive learning and leadership development opportunities, our honors program empowers graduates to make real and lasting positive contributions to society.


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The Davidson Honors College Experience

Through a combination of rigorous coursework, exciting out-of-classroom opportunities, and undergraduate research and experiential learning, our Honors College students innovate new and exciting directions to take their interests, blazing their way into graduate school and the job market.

Learning opportunities in the honors program

From small discussion-based classes, interdisciplinary coursework, internships, study abroad, and field-based and service experiences, Davidson Honors College students engage in a world-class undergraduate education. Our faculty members are passionate teachers, mentors, and scholars who are actively engaged in the community.

Honors College advising and mentorship

Our students are embraced by the holistic network of support at the Davidson Honors College. This includes specialized assistance from faculty mentors and professional staff in exploring and achieving their academic and professional aspirations.

Student leadership and community involvement

Honors program students are leaders on campus and in the community: student government, major-based organizations, athletics, activism, and the arts. An active Honors Student Association, Living and Learning Community and Ambassador group, and Student Advisory Council provide further opportunities for involvement.

University of Montana Honors College Programs

We are a vibrant, inclusive community dedicated to strengthening our positive impacts on the world. From career development assistance to climate change study to developing policy solutions for Missoula, Davidson Honors College offers a variety of programs that empowers students to achieve their greatest potential.

The Career Development Program at Davidson Honors College

Our Career Development Program (CDP) provides career advising for students and increases post-college placement rates and overall job satisfaction of honors degree graduates. It's one of only a few programs of its kind specifically dedicated to a college honors program. Learn more about the Career Development Program at Davidson Honors College.

Climate Change Studies

Join the nation's first interdisciplinary, undergraduate degree program in climate change. The Climate Change Studies (CCS) program offers a multidisciplinary understanding of the scientific and societal dimensions of climate change, providing students with opportunities to become informed and engaged on the issue. Visit the Climate Change Studies website.

The QUEST Program

The QUEST Program is an exciting partnership with the City of Missoula for students to develop policy solutions to address some of the biggest questions. Combining the best of academic innovation and civic engagement, QUEST is open to students from freshmen to seniors.

Video: Schwanke Honors Institute

The Schwanke Honors Institute provides high school students and incoming college freshmen the opportunity to earn college credit and explore University of Montana life and academics at the Davidson Honors College.

Alumni Success Story: Lexi Klawitter

“I loved the flexibility afforded by Davidson Honors College. While studying biology, I was able to pursue another passion of mine, supporting survivors of sexual assault. With assistance from the honors program, I created an event called The Missoula Monologues, where people share their life stories. The encouragement I received from Davidson Honors College to individualize my education and transform my dreams into achievable goals was outstanding. Additionally, I loved the Honors College community. I met lifelong friends within my honors program cohort, and our little Griz family regularly gets together to reconnect with virtual hangs.”

— Lexi Klawitter, Davidson Honors College graduate, Human Biological Sciences major at UM, currently earning a Doctorate of Physical Therapy at Mayo Clinic School of Health Sciences

University of Montana Honors College Benefits

What are honors colleges able to offer students to help them succeed in their lives and careers? At UM, we focus on the skills and experiences today's employers value most: critical thinking, problem solving, communications, research and leadership. We lift one another up and are a positive force in the lives of our students, our campus, our community and the world.

  • Interdisciplinary focus on big, complex issues, bringing together talented, motivated students from every major at UM.
  • Flexible curriculum that allows you to build the honors program that fits best with your academic and professional goals.
  • Experiential opportunities including research, creative activity, study abroad, internships and service learning.
  • World-class academic experience with small honors college classes, an active student community and generous scholarship program.
  • Incredible student support with honors college advising, a pioneering career development program and community partnerships.

Davidson Honors College scholarships

The Davidson Honors College is home to UM's most prestigious academic awards for incoming students and generous awards to continuing honors students. Some of these awards specifically support student research projects, service-learning experiences, travel to conferences, and study-abroad experiences.

Honors College scholarships for incoming students

Apply for the Davidson Honors College by the first Friday in December and be eligible for the Dean's Leadership Scholarship, Provost's Honors Scholarship, and the Presidential Leadership Scholarship (UM's highest merit-based academic award). Learn more about incoming student scholarships.

Scholarships for continuing Honors College students

Students may apply for and earn scholarships while they pursue graduation as a University Scholar. Awards are made in both spring and fall semesters based on need and merit, providing specialized support for internships, field experiences, study abroad, and undergraduate research. Learn more about scholarships for current honors program students.

Prestigious scholarships and fellowships

Receive personalized support as you reach for the stars! UM has one of the country's highest historical win rates for nationally and internationally competitive scholarships, such as the Rhodes, Truman, Fulbright, Goldwater, Udall, and others.

Davidson Honors College requirements

Interested in applying to the Davidson Honors College at the University of Montana? We offer a variety of Honors College application options for new and currently enrolled students.

Learn more about Davidson Honors College requirements and how to submit your Honors College application.