Become a Medical Claim Service Specialist

In this fast-track Certificate of Technical Skills (CTS) program, Missoula College will prepare you academically and professionally for claim specialist positions in insurance organizations and healthcare facilities. Learn the foundational skills of medical terminology and human biology, medical benefit plans and the claims process to responsibly verify the accuracy and receipt of claims and the analysis of information for processing claims to promote accurate and prompt reimbursement, professional communications between peers, vendors, management, and customers to provide exceptional customer service and recommending claims action steps to promote accurate and prompt reimbursement.


median salary in for medical records specialist in 2022


job growth which is faster than average.


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Other Medical Degree Options from Missoula College

Medical Assisting Associate of Applied Science

Medical Reception Certificate

Medical Information Technology – Associate of Applied Science, health information coding or medical administration assisting

What can you do as a Medical Claims Service Specialist?

Medical records specialists have a variety of data entry and recordkeeping tasks. They may gather patients’ medical histories, symptoms, test results, treatments, and other health information and enter the details into electronic health records (EHR) systems. Some workers categorize medical information for purposes such as insurance reimbursement and providing data to clinicians.

When handling medical records, these workers follow administrative, ethical, and legal requirements for safeguarding patient privacy. Medical records specialists also may serve as gatekeepers for access to patient files. They ensure access only to authorized people and retrieve, scan, and transmit files according to established protocols. 

Salary Statistics for Medical Claim Service Specialist

Depending on what industry you work in the median salary can range from $39,000 for offices of physicians to $50,000 for management of companies and enterprises. When working in hospitals, administrative or scientific and technical services, the median salary falls within this range.

Experiential Learning in the Medical Claim Service Specialist Program

Since graduates will work collaboratively with other team members to ensure the most positive service experience to both customers and vendors, on-the-job training and apprenticeships are possible in an “earn-while-you-learn” model.

Career Development

As part of this twenty-two credit certificate of technical skills, the BGEN 215 Career Readiness class is required. This class prepares students for a meaningful career and well-lived, joyful life starting from day one. Being career-ready means you have the education, skills, and tools needed to launch, carry on and pivot your career.

Earn Your Certificate in Medical Claims at Missoula College

The Medical Claim Service program at Missoula College, University of Montana, empowers students with the skills and knowledge to thrive in the dynamic world of healthcare. With a strong curriculum, promising employment statistics, and a focus on experiential learning, students are well-prepared for a wide range of creative and rewarding careers in the field. 

The course is designed to move students through levels of career readiness and wayfinding; starting with exploring interests, then gaining experiences, embracing opportunities, and elevating to a career.

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