Treasury Services


Treasury Services (located in Lommasson 237) provides campus monetary services, receives and receipts departmental deposits, exchanges currency, and coordinates transactions with financial institutions and credit card processors.


The Department Deposit Form (WFADPST) was created to allow departments to enter the details for their deposits into Banner. 
 The link below provides instruction on using the WFADPST form.  A printout of the WFADPST screen should accompany your deposit.

Please Note:  University policy requires a same day deposit of accumulations of $100 in cash OR $500 in cash and checks. Otherwise, deposits must be made on a weekly basis.

  • Cash should be sorted by denomination and faced in the same direction.
  • Bundling makes counting easier and faster.
Please bundle your cash as follows:
25 ONES = $25
20 FIVES = $100
25 TENS = $250
25 TWENTIES = $500

Do not bundle if you don't have enough of a denomination as indicated above.

  • Large coin amounts should be rolled or brought in bags.
  • Put small amounts of coin in an envelope or zip-top bag. Write the amount on it.


If you suspect you have received counterfeit currency:
  • Contact Treasury immediately (243-4646), and we will notify Campus Police (243-6131). If it is after normal business hours, you may contact Campus Police directly, but please leave a voicemail for Treasury Services to let us know.
  • Handle the bill as little as possible. Place it in a plastic bag or envelope.
  • If the bill is determined to be counterfeit, it will be necessary to post a shortage to your department’s index code for the amount.


  • For safety reasons, always endorse stamp your checks as they arrive.  Endorsement Stamps are available from Helena Stamp Works (406) 442-7171. 
  • 3 or more checks should be added together and entered all at once.
  • Please clip your adding machine tape to the checks.
  • Travelers Checks/Money Orders should be endorsed and treated the same as a check.
  • Include a printed settlement statement, either from your swipe machine or online processing system. 
  • We do not require a full detail report, a summary is sufficient.  It is necessary however, to provide a report that includes the word "settlement". 

  • Treasury does not automatically provide receipts.
  • Include any paperwork you wish to have validated as your receipt.  This paperwork will be returned via campus mail.  Many departments find it helpful to include a second copy of the WFADPST screen for this purpose.
  • For receipts by campus mail, include a self-addressed envelope with your deposit.
  • If you wish to have your paperwork stored at the Treasury Services office to be picked up in person, contact Treasury to make arrangements. 


8:00 AM to 4:30 PM Monday-Friday
Griz Central-2nd Floor
Emma B. Lommasson Center

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