Accounts Payable

Accounts Payable processes payments from UM vendors and encompasses the following services:

  • Procard
  • Purchase Order Payments
  • Travel

Procedures for Meeting, Conference, Job Candidate Expenses and Entertainment Expenses:

The Entertainment Form is to be used exclusively for Entertainment events.  This form will be located on Business Services Web site under forms and in GrizMart Non PO.

If using a grant to pay for these expenses; please route thru ORSP office for pre-approval. You can do this by using comments in GrizMart Non PO or by sending the paper copies to ORSP to review and approve.


Entertainment is defined as meals, light refreshments or an activity where the main purpose of the combined business and entertainment was to actively conduct university business in support of the universities mission, promote goodwill and donor cultivation with a general expectation of some benefit to the university.  These activities generally include a UM employee and UM guests at an off campus location. Entertainment must be PRE-APPROVED if over $30.00 for the event. Cabinet members and deans can make these approvals.

Meeting Expense is defined as meals or light refreshments for UM hosted meetings, ceremonies, and special occasions in which official university business is discussed/ conducted.  These meetings may include UM employees/students as well as UM guests. 

Conference Expense is defined as meals or light refreshments for UM sponsored conferences for either on campus or off campus locations.  These conferences may include UM Employees/students as well as other conference attendees.

Job Candidate Expense is defines as expenditures for meals or light refreshments incurred in connection with the recruitment of candidates for employment at the University.

The Alcohol Use Approval Form needs to be completed/approved by president or designee prior to event, when alcoholic beverages are being served at the meetings, conferences, and job candidate or entertainment events.  This form is located on Business Services Web site under forms and in GrizMart Non PO. 

The University of Montana offers several means to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of our daily transactions with our vendor base. One such initiative is the Accounts Payable Direct Program that utilizes ePayment technology.

Quick Reference: Form Use - From The Accounts Payable Perspective

Please contact the following staff members for all accounts payable questions for their sections of the vendor master. Chrissy Fink or Sadie Tabish can answer all your ProCard & Costco questions. 

Manager Sadie Tabish (406) 243-2113

AP Specialist Vendors/Employees/Students/Travel
(A thru J)

Contact Carol Ann Walton
(406) 243-2516

AP Specialist Vendors/Employees/Students/Travel/Procard
(K thru S)

Contact Matthew Hill

(406) 243-2390

AP Specialist Vendors/Employees/Students/Travel/Procard
(T thru Z)

Contact Chrissy Fink

(406) 243-2384


If you have any questions and are unsure who to speak with, you may email Accounts Payable or call an AP specialist.