Late Registration Fee Waiver


A $80.00 late registration fee is authorized for all students.  The late registration fee is assessed on student bills not paid by the 1st day of class for a semester.  An additional late registration fee in the amount of $80.00 will be assessed to all students who, with the University's approval, register after the 15th instructional day.  The University reserves the right to extend the registration period or waive the late registration fee if circumstances reasonably beyond the control of the student caused the student to be unable to pay for their schedule.  All waiver requests must be timely and not more than 30 days after the start of a semester.  Documentation to substantiate the student's claim is required.


Montana Board of Regents of Higher Education Policy 940.4 - Late Registration Fee


1. The petition to waive the late registration fee is completed by the student.

2. The form will include (but is not limited to) an explanation for the request and the name of the person requesting the waiver as well as the student name and identification number.

3. Waivers may be issued when:

3.1. The late registration was the result of an institutional error or,

3.2. A student was actively engaged in Military Service, Firefighting, Law Enforcement, or other similar public service duties during the registration period and such duties precluded registration and finalization, or

3.3. The delay was caused by a government agency. (Additional Documentation may be required, i.e. supporting documentation of the circumstance, etc.)

4. The completed petition to waive late registration fee form will be turned in to Business Services/Student Accounts located in Griz Central.

5. Business Services will review the petition and accompanying documents. A decision will be made to approve or deny the Student's petition based upon the facts presented.

6. If approved, Business Services will waive the late registration fee by crediting the petitioning Student's Account within the Banner Financial System.

7. In all cases, Business Services will enter comments detailing the approval or denial into the student account on the Student Account Detail Form TSADETL.

8. The approval form and related documents will be filed in Business Services.


Use this form for petitioning to waive the late registration fee.