College of Arts and Media

The College of Arts and Media is comprised of the following schools and departments:

The College of Arts and Media is committed to leadership in pedagogy, creative scholarship, and professional performances and exhibitions. The College prides itself on its high achieving faculty, successful alumni, and talented students. The College:

  • serves UM students by teaching performing and visual arts with rigor and devotion and by offering preparation and experience that enable students to succeed in the world of art, to perform and create with grace and maturity, and to teach with expertise and perspective
  • serves the University, the community, state, region, and nation by presenting concerts, productions, and exhibitions of high quality and by offering educational and research opportunities in the arts for all disciplines
  • serves as the cultural center of the state and region
  • provides national leadership in the arts by enhancing the excellence of traditional arts curricula, instruction, and research with innovative and imaginative programs that utilize new technologies, incorporate various media, and enhance cultural and intellectual environments
  • inspires the pursuit of excellence by encouraging creativity and expression through the arts

In addition, the College of Arts and Media offers Creative Pulse: Master's Degree in Integrated Arts and Education program for educators and education administrators during summer sessions. Creative Pulse students embrace and explore critical thinking processes and habits of the mind, enabling participants to develop, refine and integrate these processes into their own thinking and learning abilities, as well as those of their students.

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