W.A Franke College of Forestry and Conservation

The undergraduate curricular programs at the W.A Franke College of Forestry and Conservation (FCFC) provide the knowledge and skills for students to become effective natural resource professionals. They offer a sequence of learning experiences that build the necessary confidence and critical thinking capabilities to help solve some of humanity's most pressing problems in the stewardship of our shared natural heritage.

Undergraduate programs at the W.A Franke College of Forestry and Conservation have evolved into a unique action-oriented, interdisciplinary experience where students integrate real-world issues into their coursework. Students will utilize the latest technologies in the assessment and analysis of natural resource challenges, and they will simultaneously apply this learning in multiple field settings across the unparalleled natural settings of Montana.

The undergraduate majors in the College are:

These majors provide a strong foundation in knowledge about natural systems, science, analytical skills, and policy, but each is tailored to the specialized needs of a particular career track or research discipline in the natural resources management professions. Students have an opportunity to emphasize the disciplinary concentration of their choosing, but all students will receive a balance of ecological, physical, and social sciences.

Students uncertain about which specific major best meets their interests and needs will find that the ability to move between majors early in their student career is facilitated by a common foundational core of coursework. Each major's curricular program is designed to fulfill the broad educational goals for all graduates of the University of Montana, as well as the specific disciplinary requirements of civil service and professional accrediting organizations.