Prospective Students

Considering the University of Montana   

Prospective students with disabilities interested in the University of Montana are encouraged to contact Disability Services for more information about this office, access, and UM. Contact us at     

High School vs University

Responsibilities and expectations are different between high schools and university.
  High School University
Self-Disclosure School conducts assessments to identify and evaluate students with disabilities. School also notifies instructors who the students with disabilities are.  Students need to self-identify to faculty and Disability Services to receive accommodations. Students are responsible to provide documentation of their disability to Disability Services. 
Use of Accommodations School often initiates accommodations and services for students.  Students initiate request for accommodations, services, and meeting with faculty and Disability Services coordinator. Students have a right to refuse to request or use accommodations. 
Academic expectations School may modify academic standards for students with disabilities. Example includes less homework, or changes in test formats.  Students with disabilities are expected to meet or exceed academic standards. Accommodations are designed to level the playing field and provide equal chance at academic success.