COVID-19 and Modifications

Students with disabilities need to continue to receive modifications during the COVID-19 pandemic. Students registered with Disability Services will provide their verification letter to instructors by email. The modifications remain in effect. However, the way to implement modifications may need to be adjusted for remote instruction.  

To demonstrate faculty's commitment to accessibility, we recommend the following key points: 


  • Be clear about your directions when you welcome your students to request modifications.
  • Stay in touch with your students who already have requested modifications and have provided their verification letters. Ask those students if their modifications need to be adjusted. 

Accessibility in Course Content 


Electronic Information Technology Access Resources

Creating Accessible Documents

UM OCR Converter

Keep on Teaching 


Faculty & Staff: Important role for accessibility

Faculty and staff play an important role in creating and maintaining an accessible learning environment, while at the same time maintaining academic standards. Students with disabilities, faculty, and Disability Services for Students have rights and responsibilities related to reasonable modifications. Collaborative efforts among these three parties ensure equal access.

Disability Services is a resource for UM faculty members, departments, and schools. We are available for consultations on accessibility in the curriculum and on teaching and interacting with students with disabilities. We can meet individually, or provide a presentation to a class, departmental meeting, or a larger group. To request a consultation, please contact our office by email at dss@umontana.edu