Faculty & Staff: Important role for accessibility

Faculty and staff play an important role in creating and maintaining an accessible learning environment, while at the same time maintaining academic standards. Students with disabilities, faculty, and Disability Services for Students have rights and responsibilities related to reasonable accommodations. Collaborative efforts among these three parties ensure equal access.

Disability Services is a resource for UM faculty members, staff, departments, and schools. We are available for consultations on accessibility in the curriculum and on teaching and interacting with students with disabilities. We can meet individually, or provide a presentation to a class, departmental meeting, or a larger group. To request a consultation, please contact our office by email at dss@umontana.edu

When Students register with Disability Services

When a student is registered with Disability Services, the student gets assigned to a coordinator. The coordinator provides a verification letter to the student. The student is responsible for reaching out to the instructor with the letter and requesting accommodations for their courses. If the instructor or department has questions about the student’s accommodation requests, please contact the student's coordinator listed on the verification letter. You can also find the coordinator's contact from Meet Our Team.

If you are unsure which coordinator serves the student, contact our office at dss@umontana.edu or 406-243-2243.


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