Ian M. Lange

Ph.D., University of Washington, 1968




Dartmouth College B.A. 1962
Dartmouth College M.A. 1964
University of Washington Ph.D. 1968

Teaching Experience

Dr. Lange wass involved in teaching classes and laboratories at all levels of the Geology Department's undergradate and graduate program. Introductory Geology and Volcanoes and Earthquakes were taught in addition to the Minerals and Rocks class required of undergraduate majors. At the graduate level Dr. Lange taught Applications of Isotope Systematics to Geologic Problems, Environmental and Descriptive Aspects of Ore Deposits, and special topics such as Precious Metal Deposits and Fluid Inclusion Studies, when requested by students. Dr. Lange has directed undergraduate and approximately 40 M.S. and Ph.D. theses.

Research Interests

Dr. Lange, a Professor of Geology at the University of Montana, specializes in the study of metallic mineral deposits. He has researched and published primarily on the geology, geochemistry and genesis of

  • Proterozoic Belt Supergroup clastic-hosted Cu-Ag deposits in Montana,
  • SEDEX and VMS massive sulfide-type deposits in Alaska in cooperation with and funded by the U.S. Bureau of Mines and U.S. Geological Survey,
  • Mississippi Valley type Zn-Pb deposits in Peru, and most recently,
  • high sulfidation type epithermal precious metal deposits in Montana. Research continues on high sulfidation-type deposits in addition to pluton-hosted and placer gold deposits in Montana.

Reseach has been funded in part by more than $600,000 in grants and contracts. Geochemical aspects including fluid inclusion-derived data and stable isotopic studies (S, C, and O) form an integral part of Dr. Lange's research.


Selected Publications:

Lange, I.M., Herberger, D., Whipple, J.W., and Krouse, H.R., 1989, Stratabound Cu Ag and Pb-Zn mineralization in the Spokane and Helena Formations in the eastern part of the Belt Basin, Montana: a common origin? Geol. Assoc. Canada, Special Paper 36, p. 287-304.

Lange, I.M., Nokleberg, W.J., Newkirk, S., Church, S.E., Aleinokoff, J., and Krouse, H.R., 1990. Metamorphosed volcanogenic massive sulfide deposits and occurrences of the southern Yukon-Tanana Terrane, eastern Alaska Range, Alaska: Australasian Inst. Mining and Metallurgy Pacific Rim Congress 90 Proceedings, v. 2, p. 443-450.

Lange, I.M., Tejada, R. and Krouse, H.R., 1990, The San Vicente Zn-Pb carbonate rhythmite deposit, Peru: A MVT-Type replacement deposit: Australasian Inst. Mining and Metallurgy Pacific Rim Congress 90 Proceedings, v. 2, p. 435-442.

Lange, I.M., Nokleberg, W.J., Newkirk, S.R., Aleinikoff, J.N., and Church, S.E., 1993, Devonian volcanogenic massive sulfide deposits and occurrences, southern Yukon-Tanana terrane, eastern Alaskan Range, Alaska: Economic Geology, v. 88, p. 344-376.

Lange, I.M., and Kell, 1994, The Coeur d'Alene type deposits; an analogue to turbidite-hosted vein-type gold deposits: Northwest Geology, v. 23, p. 1-11.

Lange, I.M., Zehner, R.E., and Hahn, G.A., 1994, Geology, geochemistry, and ore deposits of the Oligocene Hog Heaven volcanic field, northwestern Montana: Economic Geology - special issue on volcanic-hosted ore deposits, v. 89, p. 1939-1963.

Lange, I.M., Krouse, H.R., and Woodward, L.A., 1995, The Golden Messenger mine, York district, Montana: geologic and isotopic constraints: Economic Geology, v. 90, p. 1322-1328.

Lange, I.M., Zehner, R.E., Hahn, G.A., and Jonson, D.C., 1996, The high-sulfidation Ag-Au-base metal Hog Heaven deposit of northwestern Montana: the product of pre- and post-diatreme and endogenous dome mineralization: in, Coyner, A.R. and Fahey, P.L., eds., Geology and ore deposits of the American Cordillera Proceedings, Reno/Sparks, Nevada, April 1995, p. 1001-1018.

Lange, I.M., Woodward, L.A., and Krouse, H.R., 1998, Possible sources of metals in veins hosted by Spokane and Greyson formations (Middle Proterozoic) in the Argo copper belt, Big Belt uplift, Montana: Belt Symposium III proceedings, Montana Bureau of Mines and Geology Special Volume, p. 276-288.


American Geophysical Union
Geological Society of America
Northwest Mining Association
Sigma Xi
Society of Economic Geologists
Society of Exploration Geochemists

Professional Experience

1968-72  Fresno State College
Assistant Professor of Geology

1971 - Dartmouth College
Visiting Professor

1972 - University of Montana Professor
Economic Geologist

1979 - Faculty Research Affiliate with the Alaskan Branch
U.S. Geological Survey

1979 - Continuing consultations with exploration and mining companies