The Department of Geosciences is a nationally recognized program with a long history of excellence in undergraduate education. Our first bachelor’s degree was granted in 1902 and our program was the first university science department established in the state of Montana.

We offer four options for a Bachelor of Science degree: Geosciences B.S., International Field Geosciences Joint B.S. with University College Cork (Ireland), International Field Geosciences Dual B.S. with Potsdam University (Germany), and a B.S. in Earth Science Education.

Western Montana is an amazing natural laboratory to study geosciences. All of our courses for majors have field experiences. Many of our students work on faculty research projects or do internships with government agencies, NGOs, and industry. Many of our graduates complete a senior thesis as part of their degree program, where they are mentored one-on-one by a faculty member through a research project.

Our graduates are in high demand by employers, across government, industry, consulting, and non-profit sectors. Nationally employment in geoscience-related occupations is growing at about 3% per year. During the last decade over 230 people have graduated from our program with B.S. degrees and 90% of our graduates have completed their degree in four years or less.

Information about applying to the University of Montana and our B.S. degree requirements are available on the UM Admissions website.