1907: The School of Pharmacy is established at the Montana State College of Agriculture and Mechanic Arts (now Montana State University).  Charles E.G. Mollett, a pharmacist from Gallatin Drug, becomes the first and sole instructor of the School.

1909: Mr. Paul Mitchell becomes the first graduate of the School of Pharmacy with a Ph.C. (Pharmaceutical Chemist) degree.

1913: The School of Pharmacy is moved to the University of Montana campus in Missoula.

1916: Charles E. G. Mollett named the first Dean of the School of Pharmacy.

1917: John Suchy graduates and is appointed instructor at the School (he retires 41 years later).

1930: The first Master of Science degree is conferred upon Hazel Landeen.

1933: The school adopts a four-year Bachelor of Science degree program.  Other two and three year degree programs are terminated. 

1939: The Chemistry-Pharmacy Building is completed.

1945: Dean Charles E.G. Mollett resigns as dean but remains professor.  He is succeeded by Curtis Waldon. 

1952: Jack E. Orr is appointed the third dean of the School.

1956: Robert L. Van Horne becomes the fourth dean of the School. 

1959: Frank A. Pettinato joins the faculty. 

197X: With the creation of Physical Therapy & Rehabilitation Science, the School of Pharmacy and Allied Health Sciences is founded.  Physical Therapy is housed in McGill Hall. 

1975: Philip Catalfomo becomes the fifth dean of the School. 

1981: The School expands into a new building shared with the Department of Psychology. 

1981: Physical Therapy graduates its first class of students.

1986: Frank Pettinato is appointed acting dean.

1988: David S. Forbes becomes the seventh dean of the School. 

1991: Lori S. Morin becomes the first Assistant Dean of Student Affairs. 

1992: The School of Pharmacy is subdivided into two departments: Department of Pharmacy Practice Gayle Hudgins (Cochran) is the first chair, and Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences (later renamed Biomedical & Pharmaceutical Sciences), Dr. Vernon R. Grund is founding Chair.

1995: Physical Therapy converts from a BS to a MS degree.

1996: The Doctor of Pharmacy (PharmD) and Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) degrees are approved by the Montana Board of Regents. 

1997: The first PhD is conferred by the School.

1998: The first class of PharmD students graduate. 

2000: The Center for Structural & Functional Neuroscience is established and approved by the Montana Board of Regents.  CSFN also receives CoBRE funding from NIH in 2000. 

2000: The Center for Environmental Health Sciences is established and approved by the Montana Board of Regents.  CEHS receives CoBRE funding from NIH in 2002. 

2000: A $10.5 million addition to the building is completed.  Physical Therapy & Rehabilitation Science moves into the building addition. 

2001: Physical Therapy & Rehabilitation Science transitions from a MS to DPT degree. 

2001: A pharmacy residency program is created in Missoula with Community Medical Center.  A second pharmacy residency program opens with St. Patrick Hospital in 2007.

2002: Social Work joins the school and establishes a MSW degree. 

2003: The School of Pharmacy achieves a top-10 ranking in NIH funding among all US schools of Pharmacy. 

2005: The School of Pharmacy is renamed the “Skaggs School of Pharmacy” in recognition of the many contributions of the Skaggs family to the growth and development of the School.  With the addition of the Public and Community Health Sciences, the school is restructured to become the College of Health Professions and Biomedical Sciences.  David Forbes continues as Dean. 

2007: A $14.5 million addition to the Skaggs Building is completed and occupied. 

2008: The Western Montana-AHEC is established; Lawrence L. White, Jr. is the founding director. 

2013: The Family Medicine Residency of Western Montana starts their first class of residents. 

2014: The Neural Injury Center is approved by the Montana Board of Regents.