Administrative Committee

The Administrative Committee of the College of Health is comprised of the following members:

Reed Humphrey (Dean, College of Health)

Donna Beall (Interim Dean, Skaggs School of Pharmacy; Director of Student Services, College of Health)

Liz Putnam (Chair, Department of Biomedical & Pharmaceutical Sciences)

John Quindry (Chair, School of Integrative Physiology & Athletic Training)

Vince Colucci (Chair, Department of Pharmacy Practice)

Tony Ward (Chair, School of Public & Community Health Sciences)

Valerie Moody (Interim Chair, School of Physical Therapy & Rehabilitation Science)

Catherine Off (Chair, School of Speech, Language, Hearing & Occupational Sciences)

Ashley Trautman (Chair, School of Social Work)

Jen Geist-Quigley (Director of Finance & Operations, College of Health)

Curtis Noonan (Director of Research & Graduate Education, College of Health )

Rob Stenger (Director, Family Medicine Residency of Western Montana)

Amy Matheny (Director, Western Montana AHEC)

James Uyeda (Developement Officer, College of Health)