What Will You Create?

The Innovation Factory / Ideas. Design. Impact.


The Innovation Factory is a creative space that provides connections, opportunities, and resources for the campus and community alike.

The Innovation Factory (IF) will open on Nov. 8, 2019, as a gathering place of innovators, creatives,  and entrepreneurs. It is a place to augment and expand a student’s experience from within any discipline. It will be a touchpoint where the Missoula community can overlap with UM research and the innovative student engine. It can catalyze change.

IF is physically located on the 2nd floor of the UC, above the bookstore. It will offer team-scaled collaborative workspace, the Worklab makerspace, and Blackstone LaunchPad, the entrepreneurial hub. Programing will include tours, workshops, demonstrations, internships, visiting designers and entrepreneurs, certificates and micro-credentials, and volunteer opportunities.

The space at the UC will be one trailhead in an evolving physical and virtual network of innovation events, spaces and collaborative efforts. You can visit us and get inspired to design impactful change on your own, or build a team around an idea. You can utilize the connective Trailhead map on our wall to see other opportunities and innovation-based resources available to you on campus. You can take a one-credit module in a subset of innovative curricula to augment the powerful in-depth learning you do in your major. You can take a workshop and gain access (and responsibility) to the equipment in our Worklab, or walk-in and conduct self-guided design in our Tinkerspace.

How will you engage innovation on our campus or from within our community?

What will you create?