Degrees & Certificates

Degrees: Five Concentrated Areas of Study

Students choose to declare Integrative Physiology & Athletic Training (IPAT) as their academic major. Students also elect to pursue one of the following specialized concentrations:

Students may declare their option at any time, but they must fulfill all requirements of the degree as listed in the course catalog for the year in which they started (or later year). Students who declare in their freshman or sophomore years are more likely to complete the required course of study in four years.

Career Opportunities

A degree from the School of Integrative Physiology and Athletic Training prepares students for a variety of growing job fields. Please review our IPAT Career Opportunities webpage, visit UM Experiential Learning and Career Success and/or contact your academic advisor for an overview of potential future employment opportunities.

Students in the School of Integrative Physiology and Athletic Training study, learn, research, and promote the mental, social, spiritual, and physical aspects of healthy lifestyles while living and working in the active community of Missoula, MT.

General School Guidelines

In order to remain in good standing with the school, students must maintain a cumulative grade point average of at least 2.25 no matter which option they have selected. ** Individual options may have higher GPA or other requirements, so please be sure to know the specific requirements of your option. 

Failure to maintain the minimum grade point average will result in probation for the first semester, and suspension from enrolling in 300-400 level courses after the probationary semester until the cumulative grade point average is raised to or above the 2.25 minimum. 

All IPAT majors must earn a minimum grade of a C- in all required courses, including pre-requisites. 

Courses specifically listed in the University catalog as requirements must be taken for a traditional letter grade.