Integrative Physiology

Exercise Science Pre-Professional

This option is designed to prepare students for subsequent advanced professional studies such as, physical therapy, occupational therapy, physicians, graduate work in physiology or biomechanics, and other related health sciences.  It provides students with an in-depth science background by providing the prerequisites for post-baccalaureate work. Successful graduates of this option should possess the knowledge and skills to qualify for the ACSM Exercise Physiologist or Clinical Exercise Physiologist certification (requires additional clinical hours). 

Four Year Academic Plan

Pre-Athletic Training

This option is designed to prepare students for graduate studies in athletic training.  This option is unique in that it provides undergraduate students an opportunity to transition, after three years of undergraduate study, into our graduate level Athletic Training program, eventually leading to a Master's in Athletic Training. Graduates of this option become professional athletic trainers working in a variety of settings ranging from collegiate and professional athletic programs, hospitals and medical centers, and private sector companies. 

Four/Five Year Academic Plan

Applied (Exercise Science)  

The Applied option is designed to prepare students for jobs as practitioners, such as working in cardiopulmonary rehabilitation, elderly services providers, strength and conditioning, athletic coaches, personal trainers, corporate wellness personnel and directors, fitness center directors and other fitness related jobs.  Successful graduates of this option should possess the knowledge and skills to qualify for the American College of Sport Medicine-Group Exercise Instructor or Personal Trainer certifications, as well as the National Strength and Conditioning Association Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist certification.

Four Year Academic Plan 

Sports Medicine

The Sports Medicine concentration is for students planning to continue on in higher education in athletic training, exercise science or other health-related professions. Successful graduates of this option will possess an understanding of exercise and fitness and their relationship to human physiology, as well as the skills to prevent, evaluate and treat sports injuries.

Four Year Academic Plan 

Applied Human Physiology

This option prepares students for post- baccalaureate work in many health professions including physician assistant and occupational therapy, but leaves open room for electives for further specific preparation.  It differs from the ES-preprofessional option by not requiring advanced math or physics. It utilizes anatomy, chemistry, mathematics, and physiology knowledge to understand, study, and explore functions of the human body.  With an emphasis on movement and human health, students learn from a multitude of disciplines as they develop mastery of physiologic systems, rehabilitation sciences, and performance

Four Year Academic Plan