Irish Studies Minor Requirements and Courses

Fáilte romhat go dtí Clár Léann na hÉireann, Ollscoil Montana – Welcome to the Irish Studies Program at the University of Montana. It is our distinct pleasure to introduce you to the Irish language. The importance and joy of studying a language stems from the fact that languages are living entities; they possess a soul and personality that shapes the identity of the places and people where they are spoken. In this way, the Irish language provides a window into the soul of a nation and its people. To travel Ireland with a knowledge of the language is to listen to the country relate its story. That story is told in the great body of literature beginning in the 7th century with the epic tradition and continuing to the present day. Irish has also greatly influenced the English language and its literary tradition in Ireland. The Irish contribution to the canon of English literature is immense in proportion to the size and population of the country. The story of the Irish language is the story of Ireland. We invite you to learn language, to share in this story, and come to know more intimately the people and culture of Ireland.

Requirements for the Minor

Irish Studies Courses & Syllabi

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