Renewable Energy Law

Elective Course
Course Number: Law 678
Credits: 2

There is great public, private & academic interest in renewable energy, both as a sustainable alternative to traditional methods of energy generation (e.g., coal & gas) and as a means to strengthen the fortunes of traditionally economically disadvantaged populations (e.g., tribes). This interest is reflected in many tangible ways, including a significant increase over the last decade in energy generated using renewable sources (wind, solar, biomass, geothermal, etc.) and the creation of local, state & federal incentives and tax breaks available to renewable energy developers. Most energy experts agree that we have reached the point where the question is not whether renewable energy will be a part of our country’s energy future, but rather how big a part it will be. 

Renewable Energy Law examines the legal issues surrounding renewable energy through a practical, project development based approach. The focus is on the role of the renewable energy lawyer in, among other things, negotiating leases and easements for renewable energy development rights on private, public and tribal lands; securing local, state & federal project permits; analyzing and addressing environmental and wildlife impacts; obtaining transmission and interconnection agreements; and securing project financing. 

This course is approved for and counts toward completion of the Environmental and Natural Resources Certificate.