Working With Us

Obtaining Legal Services

The Office of University Legal Counsel (UMLC) is responsible for representing the University of Montana, Montana Technological University, University of Montana-Western, and Helena College in all legal matters related to university operations involving the campuses and their faculty and staff.

The UMLC does not represent faculty, staff, or students in personal legal matters outside the scope of their business as UM officials. For assistance on personal legal matters, please refer to:

Services Provided by the Office of Legal Counsel

  • Provides advice and legal opinions on matters that have legal implications for the University.

  • Provides guidance in matters of compliance with the myriad of federal and state regulations as well as Board of Regents policy and UM policy.

  • Assists with review and revision of University policies and procedures.

  • Engages with campus community in prevention efforts including providing training in matters of compliance and risk reduction.

  • Retains and manages outside legal counsel who work on matters requiring specialized expertise.

  • Serves as a resource to the campus community for informed decision making and problem solving.

  • Reviews and assists with drafting contracts and other legal agreements involving the University and individual units of the University.

  • Represents the University in judicial and administrative litigation proceedings.