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The University of Montana Web Archive captures, preserves and provides access to web sites produced by administrative offices, schools, departments, service units, institutes, centers, programs, and faculty, student, and alumni organizations at The University of Montana. Through the capture and preservation of the university’s evolving online presence, the Web Archive assists in documenting the people, activities, and impact of The University of Montana over time.

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Please note: Similar to snapshots and other historical documents, archived websites are frozen in time. They contain only information that was available at the time of capture and cannot be altered. As a result, archived websites may contain outdated information, broken links, malfunctioning email addresses or errors. Additionally, due to limits in current web archive technology, content may be missing from a given website due to issues such as rendering Javascript, streaming media, database-driven content and robots.txt exclusions.

If you have questions about the Web Archive, please contact Erin Baucom, Digital Archivist at erin.baucom@umontana.edu.