Business Management

What is Management?

All organizations, including large, multi-national companies, small business start-ups, and non-profits, require leaders skilled at getting people together to accomplish desired goals and objectives.

Business Management majors will learn and apply key skills including effective communication, motivating employees, leading change, managing conflict, fostering agile and inclusive organizational culture, defining the organization’s vision, mission, and values, and strategic planning and implementation.

These skills will be invaluable in whatever career our graduates decide to pursue. We offer specialization in four career tracks, or students can pursue a general management degree.


Graduates working or attending graduate school within 3 months of graduation


Students double major with management


Scholarships available

Career Tracks

Undergraduate management majors have the opportunity to customize their education by choosing from one of six distinct career tracks.

  • General Management
  • Human Resource Management
  • Entertainment Management
  • Innovation and Entrepreneurship
  • Sales and Customer Relationships
  • Sustainable Business Strategy

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