International Business

The International Business curriculum provides students with the opportunity to focus on the managerial, economic, cultural, political, and social dimensions that will prepare them for participation in a global business community. Students study a foreign language, take specific internationally-focused business courses, and enroll in courses outside the business curriculum (for instance, geography, history, or political science) that relate to a specific area of the world that interests them.

Careers in International Business

Career opportunities in international business are varied. Businesses are becoming more global. Many domestic jobs have international components. Having an international job does not automatically mean you work overseas. International business graduates are more likely to start in a domestic job and learn about the organization and its products and services before receiving an international assignment. The international curriculum will better prepare students for overseas assignments and give them a competitive edge over those individuals without this background.

Degree Requirements

All students choosing international business as a major need to have another business major:

  • Accounting
  • Finance
  • Management
  • Management Information Systems
  • Marketing

The major you choose should coincide with where your interests. You should be able to get a sense for which functional area you are most interested once you have completed all the upper-core required courses (BFIN 322, BGEN 361, BGEN 341, BGEN 342, BMKT 325). You may have already chosen a major other than IB at this point. If so, re-evaluate and/or visit with your IB advisor to help guide you in your decision.

Foreign Language

Students are required to complete at least two years of a foreign language; this is the equivalent of up through a level of 202 language classes.

Students must earn a grade of C- or better in any of their classes related to their IB major, including language courses and the 6 IB elective credits taken outside the College of Business.

Students who think they may have a level of foreign language proficiency that meets or exceeds this requirement may take an equivalency exam through the foreign language department. Electronic equivalency exams are given for Spanish, French and German. For any other language, the student needs to coordinate with a faculty member corresponding to the language.

International students may choose to use English as a second language as their foreign language. Students must take and receive a C or better grade in both WRIT101 and COMX 111A to qualify to use English as their foreign language.

Business Course Requirements

Required Courses Credits
BGEN 360 International Business 3
BMGT 480 Cross Cultural Management 3
BMGT 467 Global Operations & Supply Chain Management 3
BFIN 473 Multi-National Finance 3

Plus six credits approved by your international business advisor and selected from internationally-focused courses, an international exchange, an international internship, or a study abroad program. Students should consider an area/cultural focus, such as Japan, China, Western Europe, Central Europe, or Eastern Europe.

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