Dress Code for AY 2020-2021

Dress Code and Personal Hygiene Requirements

students at The Taste


Student Uniform to be provided by the Big Sky Culinary Institute:

  • 1 pair Chef’s pants - Hounds tooth. No baggy styles.
  • Chef’s Jacket -White, unstained, clean, pressed, double-breasted, completely buttoned at all times.
    • CULA 101 Students will be given a jacket to borrow from Big Sky Culinary Institute without name or ACF logo embroidered to be returned clean and laundered at the end of the semester.
    • Upon completion of CULA 101, students will be given 1 jacket each semester from the Big Sky Culinary Institute jackets with desired name and ACF embroidery.
  • 1 each Hat - Black beanie cap 
  • 2 each Apron 
  • Disposable masks will be provided for lab classes

The Following Items will NOT be supplied by BSCI and must be purchased on their own:

  • Tee Shirts - Only clean, white tee shirts are permitted under the jacket. No color, print, or logo/picture tee shirts are permitted. White turtleneck shirts may be worn under jacket.
  • Shoes - Must be sturdy, closed toe and of a polishable or cleanable black hard material; preferably leather. The sole is to be non-slip, non-scuffing and heel no higher than 1 1/2 inches.
  • Socks - Worn at all times. Must be black or white.
  • Undergarments - Worn at all times.
  • Dining room attire requires shirt and apron be supplied from Big Sky Culinary Institute.  Not supplied: black slacks or knee length professional skirt, black polishable non-slip approved shoes, black socks or nylons.  (Check with Chef Instructor for where to purchase these items.)
  • A black permanent marker, pen, thermometer, and notepad must be on your person at all times.

Hat and apron must be removed during rest room and break periods outside the kitchen.

Standard Personal Hygiene and Appearance

  • Daily shower/ bath is expected
  • Hair - Must be clean, of natural shades and well maintained. The culinary standard of highest appearance of professionalism does not include extremes in dying, styling or coloring. Hair length must be maintained above the top of the collar by means of cut, hair net or restraint. If hair is longer than the top of the collar, a hairnet must be worn at all times.
  • Facial Hair—It is preferable that students are to be clean shaven at all times and sideburns neatly trimmed no lower than the earlobe for highest level of sanitation.  If a student chooses to have facial hair, it must be kept trimmed and cleaned.  If the facial hair exceeds the length of ½-inch, a beard net must be worn for sanitation reasons.
  • Make-up - The appropriate use of make-up is to enhance natural features and create a fresh appearance and must be kept at a minimum. Conservative lipstick permitted.
  • Cologne/Perfume - The use of anti-perspirant and/or deodorant is required. The use of any scents and fragrances is unacceptable.
  • Fingernails - Kept clean and trimmed to the end of the finger. No nail polish permitted.
  • Jewelry – No jewelry or watches are permitted with the exception of the following:
    • Single stud earrings, tightly secured without fear or worry about falling into food.  Ear gauges are permitted and follow the same requirements as stud earrings.  Hoops, dangling earrings, unsecured, or any earrings that are deemed offensive are NOT allowed.
    • A single band ring with NO GROOVES OR INDENTATIONS OF ANY KIND are permitted.
    • Facial piercing are not permitted in the lab classes and must be covered or removed.

Hospitality Students, Field Trips, and Off Campus Work

  • Students are expected to be in culinary uniform unless otherwise stated.
  • Since some facilities require special attire, students will be informed by the faculty as necessary and expected to conform accordingly. All other standards regarding personal hygiene and appearance (above) will be maintained.
  • For hospitality students, or when no other dress requirement is stated, the students are expected to dress in business casual attire, bearing in mind that he/she is a representative of the Missoula College and the hospitality profession. - No tattered, torn or dirty clothing.
  • Casual Business Attire
    • Shirt or blouse with collar or polo style
    • Slacks
    • Chinos or khakis – neatly pressed
    • Jeans without holes, tatters, distressing, or unnecessary rivets/jewels.
    • Skirt (knee length or below)
    • Blazer or sweater
    • Loafers or lace-up shoes – cleaned and shined