About Us

The University of Montana will be a Flagship for the Future, fostering inclusive prosperity and democracy and creating new knowledge and ways of learning. Selected as one of 16 two-year and Community College institutions across the nation, the Missoula College Guided Pathways Project is Missoula College’s strategy to improve the social and economic mobility of students through retention, certificate and degree completion, and personal growth. Supported by the National Center for Inquiry and Excellence and the Community College Research Center, we want to ensure that all of our academic programs lead to careers and opportunities for baccalaureate transfer through proactive and holistic advising, offering accurate degree maps, and meeting and supporting each student where they are throughout their academic journey.

The Guided Pathways Vision

The Guided Pathways vision at Missoula College is to create a comprehensive, accessible, student-centered learning environment that fosters individual growth, facilitates workforce development, and provides a foundation for advanced academic achievement. Additionally, through our three campuses (River, West, and Bitterroot) we believe that:

  1. Two-year colleges are a vehicle for social and economic mobility.
  2. We are stewards of our community. 
  3. We are responsible for providing quality, affordable learning opportunities that lead to paths towards livable wage-employment opportunities.
  4. We assist students throughout their entire journey at Missoula College from the beginning of the onboarding process to the graduation stage. 

Students First


When students enroll at MC, they expect:  

  1. Quality and affordable education that they can complete in one or two years.  
  2. The credential, certificate or degree will lead them to opportunities that would not be accessible to them otherwise.  
  3. They expect the institution (staff, faculty, resources) will help guide them through this process and provide support throughout their academic journey. 
  4. That they can actually obtain a degree or credential in the time that we advertise. 

At a Glance

Missoula College, the two-year unit of the University of Montana, provides outstanding occupational and technical education covering 40 programs. Areas of study include business and health care professions, applied computing and electronics, and energy and industrial technologies. An Associate of Arts general education program is also available to students desiring a transfer degree for a baccalaureate degree program. Most programs begin in the fall with some programs offering spring entry.

Students completing two and three-semester programs in the career and technical programs earn a Certificate of Applied Science degree, while students completing four-semester programs earn an Associate of Applied Science degree. Students in the Registered Nursing program earn an Associate of Science degree; General Studies students earn an Associate of Arts degree. Workforce development programs are also offered through the College’s Outreach Department.

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Supporting diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) are a priority and has led to the development of a professional learning community (PLC) devoted to DEI at Missoula College (MC). The mission of the MC DEI-PLC is to increase awareness of diversity, equity, and inclusion at Missoula College. We aim to recognize existing DEI efforts, identify gaps through ongoing collaboration with MC students, faculty and staff; and we intend to provide recommendations for improvement with a specific focus on the comprehensive two-year college mission. We are committed to improving access to equitable education, supporting students’ academic achievement, and fostering an inclusive workplace for students, faculty, and staff.

Missoula College Campus