Music Education Studies

The music education student at UM is offered quality, in-depth training in the most current instructional methods and trends. Included are techniques and materials employed in the effective general music and elementary/secondary school classrooms as well as those used in conducting and rehearsing performance/educational ensembles at all levels. Hands-on opportunities include, educational experiences ranging from serving as aides to music teachers in area schools, completing a full semester in the student teaching field experience, and acquiring practical skills and knowledge under the supervision of a qualified master teacher.

Methods course work prepares the future music educator in current music materials and technology. The student also gains proficiency in piano and other instruments and in related arranging and organizational skills. A flexible, balanced program allows the pursuit of excellence in personal development as well as in the student’s performing area(s), combined with student teaching assignments at both elementary and secondary levels.

Completion of the degree program includes Montana teacher certification as a music specialist for grades K-12.


  • Bachelor in Music Education (K-12 Certification)
  • Master of Music with an emphasis in Music Education

Music Education Organization

Music Education students join the National Association for Music Education (NAfME-C).  NAfME-C meets regularly with local teachers in our “Meet the Music Educator” series.  Local teachers describe their teaching experiences and answer questions about teaching K-12 music.  Members also have the opportunity to attend state and national Music Education Conferences and volunteer in the local school district to help local music teachers.