Music History Studies

Students who pursue the Bachelor of Arts with a Specialization in Music History have the opportunity to pursue original music research. The degree is an excellent preparation for graduate study in musicology or ethnomusicology. Graduates also pursue careers as music librarians, archivists, critics, and arts administrators.

In addition to completing courses in music theory, history, and world music, students also study foreign languages and complete a course sequence in the humanities. Participation in study abroad programs, such as the School of Music’s Vienna Program, is also encouraged. As seniors, music history majors complete a capstone research project and present their findings at the UM Conference for Undergraduate Research.


Bachelor of Arts Specialization in Music History


Randall, Dr. James: Associate Professor of Music History

As a music historian, my passion is introducing students to the great composers and musical works of the past. By learning more about the humanity of these artists—their lives, individual struggles, and aspirations—music students begin to see how their own creative efforts in performance, teaching, and composition fit into this rich cultural legacy.

About James Randall

James Randall is Chair of the Music History area at UM and Associate Professor of Music History and World Music. He joined the faculty in 2004, after earning a PhD in Musicology from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. His primary research interests are in the history of American musical theater, particularly the music of Jerome Kern and the representation of early jazz in vaudeville. At UM he regularly teaches topics related to Western classical music, musical theater, and world music. Recent offerings include courses on music and gender, film music, and twentieth-century art music.