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LifeWorks Brain Performance Announces NeuroTech Assistant Employment Opportunity

Posted: 1/27/20

life works brain performance

LifeWorks Brain Performance is a Bozeman-based, cutting edge brain performance program that uses evidence-based tools and techniques to improve brain performance and brain health. LifeWorks is a first of its kind program that offers exciting opportunity for professional growth within an amazing team culture.

Position Description

The NeuroTech Assistant position is a full-time position working under the supervision of LifeWorks Brain Performance’s Director of NeuroScience to deliver services supporting better brain health and brain fitness. Services to be delivered may include client intake and cognitive assessments, eeg acquisition, brain training or neurofeedback, biofeedback, and recording non-invasive physiological measures (such as heart rate, PsO2, and capnometry).

Activities and responsibilities may include, but are not limited to:

  1. Client Intake & Brain Mapping Activities
    1. Telephone Communications. Contact of potential new clients by phone and/or email to arrange for brain map/intake appointment. Follow-up by telephone of new clients who have visited LifeWorks.
    2. Computer Communications and Intake. Set up of online paperwork prior to eeg collection as part of Client Intake.
    3. Upload the acquired EEG to appropriate database(s); download client reports.
    4. Preparation and organization of client materials prior to client brain map results and training sessions.
  2. EEG Acquisition
    1. Provide new client intake interview.
    2. Prepare, provide and compile client assessments; prepare assessment reports for analysis.
    3. Prepare follow-up client assessments.
  3. Neurofeedback Training
    1. Provide instruction and explanation to clients receiving neurofeedback training.
    2. Set up and provide one-, two- or more-channel neurofeedback training.
    3. Adjust training protocols as warranted, under supervision, with appropriate documentation.
    4. Maintain appropriate confidential documentation and record-keeping of trainings (HIPPA-compliant).
    5. Incorporate biofeedback with neurofeedback training under supervision.
  4. Cognitive Testing & Training
    1. Set up and/or provide initial cognitive testing and re-assessment tests in-clinic or via email.
    2. Train clients in the use of online or app brain training programs under supervision.
    3. Prepare Client Cognitive Test Reports and deliver results to clients.
  5. Biofeedback Training
    1. Provide Heart Rate Variability Training and relaxation coaching using apps and/or computer programs such as Heart Math, Muse or Wild Divine systems.

Position Requirements

The LifeWorks NeuroTech Assistant will hold at least an Associate degree (or 2-years college-level study) in science, psychology, nursing, social work or related field. Computer competency in MS Word, Excel, Google Drive is essential. Must have 1-2 years of experience working within a clinic or client services setting. Must have at least one year experience in provision of neurofeedback training utilizing BrainMaster, New Mind, or other data-base driven brain-training devices. Must be able to describe 10-20 International System lead placement and cortical functionality. Writing, communication and customer service delivery is essential.

Additional experience desired:

Provision of EEG acquisition within a lab or research, counseling practice, or health clinic setting, coursework and/or certification in anatomy/physiology, neuroanatomy, neuroscience, exercise/fitness training, meditation, life coaching, executive coaching, audio-visual entrainment, cognitive testing, report-writing, HIPPA (Health Information Patient Privacy Act), behavior change, yoga instruction, stress management, breathwork. Must be willing to obtain BCIA training in Neurofeedback and/or seek certification within 15 months of employment.


Compensation is commensurate with education and experience. Health insurance is included.


Please submit your resume and references to: Director of Neuroscience, LifeWorks Brain Performance at

Please visit us at LifeWorks Brain Performance.

Expesicor Offers Neuroscience Research Opportunities for UM Students

Posted: 10/29/19

At Expesicor, a fast-growing biopharma company based in Kalispell, we work to develop novel therapies to combat a variety of neurodegenerative conditions including epilepsy, traumatic brain injury (TBI), and Alzheimer’s disease. It is our goal to provide University of Montana students with hands-on opportunities to gain technical skills while learning about biomedical research. Through the inclusion of student-researchers into a variety of research projects being conducted at the University of Montana, Expesicor seeks to create scientific opportunities for students in the state of Montana while producing innovative solutions for individuals suffering from neurological dysfunction.

Research with Expesicor:

  • Gain hands-on experience executing, analyzing, and interpreting experiments
  • Learn about biopharma product commercialization and intellectual property best practices
  • Develop technical skills to give yourself a competitive resume or graduate school application
  • Obtain class credit or monetary compensation
  • Enjoy a flexible schedule

We actively encourage applications from University of Montana undergraduate and graduate students.

Please visit Join the Expesicor Team!

expesicor neurodiscovery 2.0

The UW Medicine Neurological Surgery Summer Student Program

The UW Medicine Neurological Surgery NIH Summer Student Program provides "Bench to Bedside" exposure to students seeking summer lab placements to explore basic and clinical neurosciences. Our hope is that students will be so excited bytheir work that they will desire to pursue an academic career in research and/or medicine. Our mission is to recruit and educate a wide spectrum of students from diverse backgrounds, including those under-represented in STEM fields, and broaden their knowledge base in the field of biomedical research, including translational, clinical and basic research, and to inspire students to pursue a career in research, medicine or allied fields, especially in Neuroscience.

Participation Includes

  • $3200 stipend for university students/$2667 for high school students 18+
  • Eight week lab placement in one of our Neuroscience Labs
  • Weekly Neurological Surgery Grand Round Lectures
  • Weekly Neuroscience faculty Lectures
  • Neurosurgery or Observations
  • Student presentation on individual program focus

To date, we have placed over 150 students from over 80 different schools in the program. Students have participated in 13 different laboratories, attended over 100 separate Grand Rounds presentations, observed and followed 17 different clinicians, and had weekly student group presentations by 26 different faculty members. Over 20 students from our earlier classes have now been accepted into medical school and other clinical training programs, and many students just entering college have gone on to neuro-science or pre-med studies.

2020 Important Dates and Eligibility Information

We actively encourage applications from students from under-represented groups and those of limited means.

You must be 18 years of age or older and either a US citizen or have permanent residency status University undergraduate students may apply High School students may apply if they are 18+ and either rising seniors or graduates accepted into college You must have current immunizations and TB test results through the program end date Out-of-area students will have housing stipends available but are responsible for meals & transportation


If you have an interest in applying, please contact:

  • Julie Bould, Program Operations Specialist, Program Coordinator | 206-897-5732
  • James Pridgeon, MHA, Senior Lecturer, Program Administrator | 206-744-9358
  • Sylvia Zavatchen, MEd, Program Administrator| 206-744-7077