Faculty and Staff

Faculty with interests in the brain, behavior, learning, cognition, and diseases of the nervous system are found throughout UM’s many colleges and departments. Because of this, students benefit from having a greater variety of expert faculty teaching their courses and supervising their research. Faculty teaching within the Neuroscience major are listed below, along with those who act as research mentors for undergraduate and graduate students. An even larger group of UM faculty who share an interest in neuroscience, but who may not directly participate in the undergraduate or graduate program, can be found as affiliates of the UM Brain UM Brain Initiative.


Neuroscience Teaching Faculty

Reflecting the interdisciplinary nature of neuroscience, faculty teaching courses within the major come from departments and colleges spread across the UM campus (e.g., Biology, Psychology, Biomedical & Pharmaceutical Sciences, Biochemistry). The result is a collaborative network of faculty who have the depth and breadth of knowledge necessary to develop and deliver contemporary, dynamic neuroscience courses. Beyond this expertise, Neuroscience faculty are strongly committed to teaching, student support and providing our students with the knowledge and career skills needed to succeed in their future endeavors.

Undergraduate Student Research Mentors

UM faculty listed in these neuroscience fields are committed to mentoring undergraduate students who wish to conduct independent research and study projects. To learn more about these opportunities visit the Undergraduate Research Opportunities in Neuroscience webpage. Students pursuing these projects may receive course credit or be paid through grants and fellowships, such as those offered by the CSFN’s Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship (SURF) program.  

Graduate Student Research Mentors

Neuroscience Graduate Program (NGP) faculty are committed to mentoring students pursuing BS/MS, MS or PhD degrees within their active lab groups that also include postdoctoral fellows, technicians, and undergraduate students.  NGP  faculty have strong records of funding from NIH, NSF and a variety of private foundations.  Their research interests, also noted below, reflect the breadth and depth of the NPG and highlight the many exciting opportunities open to students.  Prospective applicants should contact Dr. Mark Grimes, who serves as the Director of the NGP and welcomes inquiries from interested students.

Clinical Faculty Affiliates

The clinicians and health care professionals listed below are members of UM’s Neuroscience program because of their interests in neuroscience and their desire to help advance our mission in educational and research. Their addition provides an exceptional source of clinical expertise for collaborative research projects examining CNS disorders or involving human subjects, as well as adding a valuable medical perspective to our neuroscience courses.