Neurosciences Graduate Program


The Neuroscience Graduate Program (NGP) is a dynamic, collaborative and multidisciplinary program focused on current neuroscience concepts and approaches to train and award students Ph.D. or M.S. degrees in Neuroscience. It is one of six programs coordinated through the Molecular and Biomedical Sciences Umbrella.

The mission of the NGP is to engage, educate and mentor students to become independent neuroscientists who are adept at advancing fundamental and translational research on the brain and disease of the nervous system. Because NGP faculty come from different Colleges and Departments across campus, the resulting expertise and collaborative environment offers our students exceptional opportunities to receive training in a variety of perspectives, approaches and model organisms. Research areas include: neurochemistry, neuropharmacology and drug design, cellular neurobiology, physiology and biophysics, genetics, behavioral neuroscience, computational neuroscience and the neurobiology of disease.

NGP faculty have a strong record of receiving external funding and are committed to supporting our thriving current community of faculty, postdoctoral fellows, technicians, graduate students, undergraduate students and staff. Participating faculty and students also benefit from the close association between the NGP and the Center for Structural & Functional Neuroscience (CSFN). Dr. Kasper Hansen serves as the Director of the NGP and welcomes inquiries from interested students.

Graduate Program Contact

Director, Professor Kasper Hansen