About the Program

This undergraduate certificate program will teach leadership skills through experiential learning in Montana’s outdoor and wilderness settings. Through collaboration with the Parks, Tourism, and Recreation Management program, the School of Integrative Physiology and Athletic Training, Campus Recreation Outdoor Program, and the Wilderness Institute, this multidisciplinary certificate program will utilize the diverse strengths across campus to create future leaders while showcasing the vibrant setting in which the University of Montana calls home. 

The outdoors provides a unique venue to learn and apply leadership skills through navigating challenging situations. Some examples of skills include improved group dynamics and management, conflict resolution, collaborative skills, and critical thinking under pressure. Several studies have demonstrated the transfer of leadership skills learned in outdoor settings to professional, academic, and personal settings. The learning that takes place in the outdoor setting can be attributed to the unique structure and setting of the course.

The Northern Rockies Outdoor Leadership Certificate is open to students of all majors who want to strengthen their leadership skills while utilizing the unique and vibrant outdoor resources in our backyard. The certificate requires 15 credit hours with course choices in leadership theory, outdoor recreation activity, certifications related to outdoor leadership, and field courses that involve application of the leadership theory and training. Students will also be required to complete an internship to gain professional experience and further enhance their leadership skills.