Study Abroad Opportunities

Students interested in studying abroad should contact the education abroad coordinator using the Education Abroad scheduling tool to discuss study abroad options! Reach out to the education abroad coordinator early as the study abroad process can be lengthy depending on your intended or chosen program. Additionally, reach out to your political science academic advisor and your faculty mentor to discuss how a study abroad experience can fit into your overall graduation plan.

It is recommended that students begin planning their study abroad experience a year before their chosen semester/summer/year abroad. This allows time to complete the UM (and ISEP) applications, search course catalogs at host institution(s), plan for the passport and visa (especially if travel is required to obtain the visa), make housing arrangements, develop a financial aid plan through the financial aid office, apply for scholarships, and discuss any medical arrangements with a physician. Planning early may be inconvenient, but it will avoid a future headache and create a more enjoyable international experience.