Political Science Scholarships

Departmental Scholarships

The Political Science department awards over $43,000 in scholarships that generous donors have provided for our students.

Political Science scholarship awards range from $400 to $10,000; seventeen total scholarships, thirteen of which are $1,000 and above,

Eligibility is based in part on class level, whether you’re a major, minor, or grad student, and additional criteria:

  • PSCI majors are eligible for all PSCI scholarships, depending on your class level.
  • PSCI minors are eligible for the Brennan and Messina scholarships,
  • PSCI MA students are eligible for the Brennan, Payne, Waldron, and Hunt scholarships. MPA students are eligible for the Waldron scholarship.

 NOTE: Scholarship applications for academic year 2023-24 are due by March 31, 2023.

Apply for the following scholarships using the UM Scholarship Portal