Edwin B. Craighead - 1912-1915

Edwin B. Craighead

September 1912 - October 1915

"You can never have a university as long as the professors are not free."


  • A.M., Central College, 1883
  • LL. D., University of Missouri, 1898
  • D.C.L., University of the South, 1907

Accomplishments as President

Edwin Craighead's administration sought to expand the University's academic departments, including engineering and graduate courses.  As President, Craighead developed a curriculum for the Domestic Science and Household Arts Department and formed the Bureau of Public Information.  The School of Journalism was established and quickly assumed a charter membership in the American Association of Schools and Departments.  Under Craighead, The University of Montana won a place on the accredited list of the North Central Association of Colleges and Secondary Schools for the first time.

Background History

After receiving his doctorate degree, Craighead became a professor of Latin and Greek at Wofford College.  In 1897, he was appointed to the position of President at State Normal College.  Before assuming the UM presidency, Craighead also served as President of Tulane University between 1904 and 1912.

Following the Presidency

After his dismissal in 1915, Craighead developed a local newspaper called the New Northwest with the help of his sons.  The paper quickly grew from a weekly to a daily publication and remained one of Missoula's foremost new sources until Craighead's death in 1920.

Edwin B. Craighead

Landmarks Erected

  • Wooden "M," 1912
  • Whitewashed rock "M," 1915

Programs Established

  • Schools of Journalism, Music, and Forestry
  • Departments of Home Economics, Political Science, Manual Arts, and Economics and Sociology