Academic Suspension

As a result of an academic suspension, in compliance with Board of Regents Policy 301.9, the University of Montana requires a semester of non-attendance following an academic suspension and a student may not take additional classes at the university until academically reinstated. If a registration exists for the following semester, those classes will be dropped and a hold placed on further CyberBear registration until a reinstatement is transacted. Students may appeal a suspension in cases where there are compelling and documented circumstances.

Appeal of Suspension Form

We understand that a student can get in over his or her head in college, and that an academic suspension may feel like a dead end.  However, every student who has been placed on academic suspension has the opportunity to apply for reinstatement to the University of Montana after the student has sat out the following semester. We encourage students to use the time away to develop a plan which will maximize opportunity for success when studies are resumed.

Academic Reinstatement Plan Form

Your education is an investment in your future, and it should be approached with the same degree of careful consideration you would give any other long-term investment.

Your required semester of non-attendance will give you the opportunity to re-assess your educational goals and your approach to your studies. We encourage you to meet with your academic advisor and discuss your academic difficulties and how to best resolve them. You may apply for reinstatement after you’ve prepared an Academic Reinstatement Plan in consultation with the reinstatement advisor in your major’s academic department.

The Plan will cover both the academic and out-of-classroom issues that impacted your prior academic performance. The meeting serves as an opportunity for you and the advisor to explore the reasons for poor performance in the past, and develop strategies to address the identified issues. For example, an Academic Reinstatement Plan often includes referrals to the Office for Student Success, Career Services, math tutoring, Study Jam group tutoring sessions, the Financial Aid office, and study skills courses. You also may be required to take the Maplesoft math placement test.

We encourage you to begin working with your advisor early. Your Academic Reinstatement Plan is then submitted for approval by the academic Dean of your college.

Please note that an Academic Reinstatement does not reinstate Financial Aid. That is a separate process through the Financial Aid Office (243-5373).

For 4-year degree seeking students:

If your major is: 

  • Undeclared
  • Pre-Nursing
  • Freshman Media Arts

Contact the Undergraduate Advising Center - EL 269, 243-2835

If your major is not listed above, see your assigned departmental advisor.  If you do not know who that is, contact the Dean's Office in your school or college.

Academic Reinstatement Advising Contacts table

College or School and the contact person

Contact phone number

College of Humanities & Sciences
Stephanie Ritrievi


College of Education and Human Sciences          


W. A. Franke College of Forestry and Conservation
Shonna Trowbridge


College of Business
Business Student Success Center


College of Health Professions and Biomedical Sciences


School of Journalism


College of Arts and Media
Stephan Edwards


For 2-year degree or certificate program students:

Betsy Cincoski, Academic Support Center, MC 022A, Missoula College, 243-7826 for appointments