PI/co-I Change

The University may request to change a PI/co-I for any of the following reasons:
  • The PI/co-I transfers to another institution or industry and is ineligible to continue the project.
  • The PI/co-I transfers to another university that is ineligible to receive funds.
  • Untimely death, serious illness, or injury renders the PI/co-I unable to continue work on the project.
  • Change in the percentage of effort available by the PI/co-I to work on the project.
  • Change of PI/co-I circumstances that results in the continued disengagement from the project for more than 3 months (e.g., sabbatical or military leave).
  • Other circumstances that, in the opinion of the University, necessitate a change in PI.

To request a change in PI/co-I, the PI or DRA should contact the sponsor to learn what their requirements.  Some sponsor allow a change via email, others require a more formalized process, such as a letter (similar to this samplesigned by the original PI (if available), proposed new PI, department chair, and authorized institutional official (AOR). The letter should state the reason for the request and include information (e.g., a current CV) on the qualifications of the proposed PI/co-I for assuming responsibility for the project.