Prospective UM Rodeo Athletes

Thank you for your interest in the University of Montana Rodeo Team. If you are interested in continuing your education and participating in rodeo for the University of Montana you need to send in the following:

     1. Resume: needs to include high school/college activities, including a detailed section on your rodeo experience.

     2. Video Tape: put together a tape exemplifying your rodeo ability.

     3. Transcript: we need a copy of your high school/college transcript.

     4. Recommendations/References: we asked that you send three letters of recommendation (character & performance) with contact information included.

If you have questions, please call either the information number listed on our home page or one of the coaches.

Financial Aid

The University of Montana Rodeo Team Board of Directors are pleased to be able to offer financial aid to some of our students-athletes. We have a scholarship committee that determines who will receive and how much aid for each academic year. The committee starts to meet in February and continues through the summer or until all available funds are designated to one of our student-athletes.

The following areas are which we take into consideration when awarding scholarship funds. We use these categories to determine if or how much financial aid a student-athlete will receive.

The awards are for a full calendar school year but maybe adjusted or revoked at semester if the criteria are not satisfactory at the end of the first semester.

Areas of Consideration for Financial Aid:

  • Citizenship- Your behavior must be exemplary at all times and befitting the expectations of your teammates, coaches, Board of Directors, Scholarship donors, the University and the community.
  • Grades- You must meet the minimum academic requirements to be on the team but GPA's higher than the minimum and other academic achievements will be taken into consideration. Some scholarships require a higher grade point average that the team minimum of 2.0
  • Team Member- Are you supportive of other team members? Do you show respect and support for the coaches? Do you attend all team practices, events, & activities?
  • Arena Performance- Are you scoring points? Are you ranked in the region or nation in your event?
  • Practice- Do you attend all mandatory practices? While at practice do you working to improve your skills? Do you help other team members improve? Do you help with stock and other duties at practice and other events?

If you want to be considered for financial aid or an increase in your current aid, you should submit a proposal in writing explaining your qualifications using the above criteria and submit it to the Scholarship Committee. Please mail to our post office box listed on our home page.