New paper out in Restoration Ecology  Near-infrared spectroscopy aids ecological restoration by classifying variation of taxonomy and phenology of a native shrub (Brecken et al., 2021)

Ryan Rock gave a talk at the 59th Annual URISA Conference (Urban and Regional Information Systems Association) on using PlanetScope imagery in combination with ArcGIS Pro for invasive species mapping. 

Jessica Mitchell gave a talk at the North American Invasive Species Management Association (NAISMA) on detecting and mapping the invasive species Ventenata dubia on the Bison Range and Crow Tribal lands in Montana.

Claudine Tobalske is co-author on a paper in Ecological Applications, Alpine treeline ecotones are potential refugia for a montane pine species threatened by bark beetle outbreaks.

SAL's Claudine Tobalske has long assisted John Weaver of Wildlife Conservation Society Canada with regional biodiversity conservation projects, and this work is garnering some attention (see the article Frictions form over proposed park in Y2Y corridor).

Have a need for LiDAR? The Montana LiDAR Inventory, a part of the USGS 3DEP initiative, is a discovery tool for learning where high-resolution elevation data have been collected.  It also allows users to collaborate on prioritizing areas for future LiDAR acquisitions.  You can draw shapes on the map to let others know where you would like LiDAR collected, what it would be used for, any potential funding available, and how urgently you need the data.