The Study Jam Team

Study Jam Tutors, Fall 2019

Tutor Coordinators


Student Coordinators are responsible for the recruitment, hiring, and scheduling of potential tutors, managing payroll, liaising with faculty and departments for the subjects offered, assisting the Associate Director of the Office for Student Success with data gathering and assessment, managing the program’s Facebook page, attending all Study Jam sessions and working to market services to the campus community. Coordinators also play an essential role in tutor training including HONR 398: Internship: Academic Tutoring.


  • Fully admitted students with at least a year left of study.
  • 3.0 minimum cumulative GPA.
  • Strong written and verbal communication skills.
  • Strong organizational and time management skills.
  • Ability to coordinate a wide-network of tutors and faculty relationships.
  • Familiarity and base competencies with social marketing and text-based feedback systems.
  • Academic tutoring or teaching experiences are preferred, but not required.

2020-2021 Co-Coordinators

James Frakes

Masters of Science, Organismal Biology, Ecology, and Evolution, In Progress

Bachelors of Science, Wildlife Biology, Aquatics, 2019

Grace Erba

Junior, Wildlife Biology major, Mountain Studies and Native American Studies minors

Esther Lyon Delsordo

Junior, Mathematics-Computer Science double major; Biology minor



Study Jam tutors are undergraduate students and graduate students who provide on-site group tutoring to UM students. Tutors bring a high-level of academic success and familiarity with the academic rigor of high-stakes coursework.

Tutors are responsible for recruiting, preparing and facilitating group tutoring for students in a number of disciplines and classes at UM. Tutors must remain current with classroom learning objectives, practices and trends in order to evaluate and improve the individual tutoring approaches. Study Jam is a free tutoring resource open to all campus members. Therefore, tutors must adapt to diverse cultural and student backgrounds to effectively assist students in subject acquisition. Tutors work 5 hours per week for the academic semester during evening group tutoring sessions. Tutors must demonstrate comprehensive and successful communication and explanation of complex concepts, formulas, and nuances dictated by the subject matter in a high-traffic, group environment. The group setting for this service does not accommodate one-on-one assistance and so the individual must also ensure that all attendees receive assistance.


  • Completed the courses they will tutor with a B or better, have an undergraduate degree or current enrollment in a graduate program that demonstrates mastery of course content;
  • have a cumulative GPA of a 3.0 or better;
  • provide an endorsement by a faculty member.

2020-2021 Tutors





Julia Schechter

Post-Bac, Pre-Med, BA in Anthropology


Business Finance



Business Management Information Systems

Julia Owen

Senior, Management Information Systems and International Business double major with a Japanese minor


Computer Science

Tyler Christianson

Graduate Student, Computer Science



Laura Collins (121/123)

Post-Bac, Wildlife Biology, Terrestrial

Open (121/123)

Aubrey Juden (141/143)

Senior, Human Biology

Open (141/143, Evenings)

Open (221)



Kirksey Cunningham

Junior, Biology major

Music Theory

Hailey Rasmussen

Senior, Music Education major


Graham Moss

Senior, Physics major, Mathematics minor

Haley Wilson

Senior, Physics major, Mathematics minor

Ashley Hilferty

Senior, Physics major 


Charles Bryne

Retired High School Spanish Teacher


Andi Wainwright

Senior, Mathematics major, Political Science minor

Program Manager

Shannon Janssen

Associate Director, Office for Student Success
Lommasson 269