ASUM Board of Transportation


The ASUM Office of Transportation is governed by a nine-member board of directors. Board members are appointed by the ASUM vice president and confirmed by the Senate. The board consists of ASUM senators and students-at-large. The transportation director and other transportation staff often participate in meetings in a non-voting capacity. Contact if you wish to join the board.


The Transportation Board meets bi-weekly in the University Center throughout the semester. Meetings are open to students and the general public. 


The ASUM Transportation Board is responsible for:

  • Annual review and approval of the Office of Transportation budget.
  • Annual review of the transportation fee.
  • Assessment of the performance of the director of the Office of Transportation.
  • Giving a binding vote on projects amounting to 2% or more of the Office of Transportation budget.
  • Submitting for approval to the ASUM Senate any project which a.) amounts to 6% or more of the annual Office of Transportation budget, and b.) is approved in committee by anything less than a unanimous decision of all members present.
  • Developing a short-term (one year or less) plan to be decided at the first meeting of each academic year.
  • Developing long-range (five or more years) planning goals is to be decided upon at the first meeting of this committee. Both plans may be amended at any point with a two-thirds (2/3) majority of the board.