The Bunch Grass Motel

The Collected Poems of Randall Gloege

Edited by Bernard Quetchenbach

Randall Gloege, a retired professor of English at MSU Billings, died in 2013 at the age of 78. This marvelous volume, The Bunch Grass Motel, was edited by his colleague Bernard Quetchenbach, with a Foreword written by a former student (Cathy Ulrich), an Introduction by another colleague (William Kamowski), and an Afterword by one of Gloege’s “wilderness” friends (Howie Wolke).

Ken Egan, Humanities Montana, and author of Montana 1864 and Hope and Dread in Montana Literature, recommends Gloege’s Bunch Grass Motel to all readers:

Randall Gloege bears witness to the quirks, specifically, and beauty of his Montana homeland, performing that essential lyric function of revealing the world that makes and unmakes us. He also meditates with unusual honesty about our mortality, whether reflecting on his son’s death or his own aging body. His often sardonic voice both challenges and amuses, engaging the reader to take on tough questions we too often avoid. In all of these ways The Bunch Grass Motel becomes essential reading for our time.

ISBN: 9780990974871

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