College of Health

IPE Elective Courses Fall 2021


AHHS 420 Geriatric Health Issues, 3 cr.

Prereq., Anatomy & physiology. A review of normal aspects of aging, common health problems, and common pharmacological and non-pharmacological treatments in older persons. (CRN 72060).

AHHS 430 Health Aspects of Aging, 3 cr. Online

An overview of health aspects of aging including biological theories of aging, normal physiological changes, common pathological problems, cultural and ethical differences in health of elders, health promotion, healthy aging, and the health care continuum for older persons. Online fees apply. (CRN 71841)

PSYX 233 Fundamentals of Psychology of Aging, 3 cr. Online

An overview of theories and research findings in the psychology of adulthood and aging. Online fees apply. Course is offered online (CRN 71295).

PSYX 280 Fundamentals of Memory and Cognition, 3 cr.

Offered intermittently. Prereq., PSYX 100S. The acquisition and uses of knowledge. An examination of research and theories of human learning, memory, and thinking. TR 9:30 - 10:50 am (CRN 71818).

PUBH 525 Multicultural/Native American Public Health, 3 cr. Online

An overview of multicultural issues within the U.S. and specifically in Montana. The course provides insight to health disparities within the nation and how these disparities disproportionately impact ethnic minority populations. Additional online and program fees exist required (CRN 73610).

PUBH 530 Public Health Administration and Management, 3 cr. Online

Overview of public health and health care systems; organizational structures, authorities, policies and procedures; programmatic budgeting, operations, program performance reporting and improvement; grants and contracts; informatics; human relations and negotiation; management and leadership; and business planning. Additional online and program fees required. (CRN 71609).

PUBH 591.54 Indoor Environmental Quality Management, 3 cr. Online

This course will focus on environmental problems and issues associated with our homes, office buildings, schools, and other non-industrial indoor environments. This course will also explore the nature and cause of indoor environmental health problems, and the measures used to investigate and control them. (CRN 75893).

PUBH 591.53 Spatial Epidemiology, 3 cr. Online

This course is designed for teaching GIS techniques to students interested in public health, epidemiology and infectious disease. It imbeds learning GIS software in the context of human health scenarios including the analysis of geographic variations in disease with respect to any number of risk factors. While solving real problems, students will have many opportunities to visualize and analyze disease and public health data.

Students will gain basic skills in analyzing datasets and performing spatial and neighborhood analyses on data. Laboratory work will involve introduction to PC-based GIS software and public health data sets. Our recent pandemic and advances in GIS visualization, mapping, and analyses will be discussed (CRN 75894).

AHAT 324/325 Assessment of Athletic Injuries, 3 cr.

Establish foundational knowledge on musculoskeletal injuries, determine a systematic approach to assessing injuries, and study the techniques used when assessing athletic injuries to the upper and lower extremities, including the head and spine. This course includes lecture with hands on laboratory experiences to supplement as it pertains to necessary skills. Lecture: TR 1:00-1:50 and Lab: Thursdays 2:00-3:50 (Lecture CRN 73634, Lab CRN 73635).

BIOH 405 Hematology, 3 cr.

This course is intended to introduce the student to normal and pathologic hematology, with emphasis on blood cell development, cellular components, and normal vs. abnormal morphology. Laboratory exercises will instruct the student in proper specimen collection, preparation of peripheral blood smears, microscopic examination of blood smears, and other manual tests associated with blood and coagulation studies. Additional lab fees apply. Lecture: MW 12:00-12:50 and Lab: Tuesday 1:00-2:50 (CRN 70076).

SW 455 Social Gerontology, 3 cr. Online

Examination of the field of social gerontology, including an examination of the major bio/psycho/social/ cultural/spiritual theories of aging, the service system, social and health issues, family and care giving

dynamics, social policy, and end of life concerns (CRN 71309).

*CSD 396 - Autism on Campus/SvcLrn. 2 Credits.

Prerq., junior or senior Standing, and consent of instruct.. This course educates students about autism in adults. The didactic portion addresses executive functioning and social needs. The service learning portion allows direct mentorship to people with autism and related disorders. Class meets Tuesdays 02:00- 03:20 PM. Email to request an application (CRN 72688).

KIN 460: ECG Assessment, 2 cr.

Prereq., junior, senior, or graduate status. Laboratory sessions combined with class sessions to understand electrocardiography and the assessment of electrocardiograms, both at rest and during exercise. TR 10:00 - 10:50 AM (CRN 71664).


*Any course with a blue asterisk covers all six core topic areas for the Montana AHEC Scholars Program and equates to 40 educational hours towards the program. If you have questions please e-mail