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Every Gift Has the Power to Change Lives.

Your support – whatever the amount– will have a positive, empowering impact on our students and faculty.

The Wildlife Impact Fund allows us to provide our students with hands-on learning opportunities, including immersive field studies and professional development. These invaluable experiences provide students with the tools needed to be more competitive for graduate positions and jobs.

The Wildlife Impact Fund sponsors emergency scholarships for students with financial need and provides immediate support for students and faculty during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Wildlife Impact Fund supports the globally-recognized research of our faculty, as they work to conserve wildlife species and habitat for generations to come.

The University of Montana has become a premier destination for students passionately committed to pursuing careers in wildlife biology and conservation. Gifts to undergraduate scholarships allow us to recruit top students from Montana and around the world, aiding our efforts to diversify our student body. Every year, we reach out to recruit the most promising candidates. Our world-class faculty, curriculum and location in Montana provide a powerful draw, but in order to recruit successfully, we must also offer competitive scholarships.

Graduate fellowships allow the Wildlife Biology Program to attract the highest qualified graduate students, especially from the hard sciences, world-wide. We prepare our advanced students for leadership roles in government agencies, academia, and the nonprofit and private sectors. Funding sources from governmental entities for graduate fellowships are decreasing nationwide. Private philanthropy is critical in filling the gap given the increasing demand for the work we do. The strength of our program depends on funds that support our graduate students' education and research. Working with professors, our graduate students conduct and publish research that provides the foundational knowledge used by society to inform increasingly complex decisions.

Wildlife PhD Candidate Jennifer Feltner working in the field as part of her research on large carnivores. Photo by Jennifer Feltner

Proud Wildlife Biology Program undergraduates on graduation day

Female orangutan in the Danum Valley, Borneo. Photo by Jedediah Brodie

How to Give

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To send a check, make the check payable to the University of Montana Foundation and send to:

University of Montana Foundation
Wildlife Biology Program
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To learn more about how you can support the Wildlife Biology Program, please contact:

Melinda Booth, Wildlife Biology Program Director of Development, at or (406) 243-2593.