Internships are an excellent way to get real-world experience while in school.  Some students work in museums, galleries and art centers; others create visual projects for businesses, events and non-profits organizations.  Internships are usually 3-credits, which is a commitment of 9-12 hours per week and is equivalent to one class at The University of Montana. 

How to find/enroll in an internship:

1. Research what type of internship you would like to complete. Visit the Office of Internship Services in the Lomasson Center rm 154. You may also create an internship to suit your interest.

2. Either apply online through the Office of Internship Services, or meet with your chosen organization to discuss possibilities. At this meeting, please clarify the following:

  • The goal of the internship (outcomes)
  • When (hours) and how you will accomplish your goals (description)
  • How your performance will be evaluated.
Click to see a sample of past internships.

Kari GoettlichMontana Museum of Art & Culture  
Alissa Wynne, Missoula Art Museum (MAM)
Nerissa CookMontana Museum of Art & Culture
Katie FacklamZootown Art Community Center  
Shelby FaberMonte Dolack Gallery
Abby SweetArt for Preschool and Daycare


3. When your internship is established, please fill out an internship form from the School of Art.

4. Using a registration form, sign up for your internship. You must sign up before the semester starts. For out of town internships, or summer internships, you must sign up a month before the internship begins.

5. At mid-semester please set up a meeting with your internship advisor and the person who is overseeing your internship to review your progress and the value of the internship. As often as possible, these should be on site meetings.

Internships are available for both undergraduate and graduate students. Internships are on average 3-credits, which is a commitment of 9-12 hours per week, and is equivalent to taking one class at The University of Montana. Internships can be taken fall, winter, spring or summer semesters. 

Internships in Missoula 

Below is a sample of well-established internships.  Initiative and enterprise regularly reveal a surprising number of possibilities.
GVA usually works with one or two students per year. These internship opportunities are designed to provide students with a basic understanding of professional practices in gallery management, exhibit preparation, and art handling. Interns will assist the director with all aspects of the exhibits program and will have the opportunity to pursue individual research objectives.   Please contact Cathryn Mallory at or 406.243.2813
MMAC usually works with one or two students a year for an internship. The primary purpose of the internship is to assist MMAC staff with aspects of exhibition and Permanent Collection work; to gain competency in art handling, interpersonal communication, research, planning and organization, collections care, exhibition preparation, and problem-solving; to gain an understanding of core museum operations. Please contact Curator of Art/Exhibitions Coordinator Jeremy Canwell (406.243.2019) for more information.
MAM traditionally has five internships a year: Curatorial Internship, Education Internship, Collection Management Internship, Arts Management Internship and Gallery Attendant Internship. Accredited by the American Association of Museums, the Missoula Art Museum does provide internship opportunities that can provide realistic insight into museum professions and professional practices. MAM internships are intended to be mutually beneficial to the intern and the institution, providing realistic experiences and insights into museum professions as well as supporting the mission and educational outreach by MAM. Please contact the museum via email or 406.728.0447
ZACC generally works with 2-5 interns a semester. These internships range from studio assistants (usually painting, printmaking or ceramics) to website / marketing needs. Please contact Kia Liszak via email or 406.549.7555
The Clay studio works with 1-3 interns a year. These internship ranges from facilities (working with kilns, firings and mixing glazes) to Gallery exhibition (setting up exhibitions, packing artwork, helping with the sales gallery) and office help (tasked involved with non profit art centers). For more information please contact the Director of the Clay Studio via email or 406.453.0509