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Elizabeth Dove, Professor

Photography and Printmaking


phone: 406.243.4673
office: Fine Arts Bldg 404B


Elizabeth Dove is a printmaker, photographer and faculty member at the School of Art at The University of Montana. Elizabeth has conducted extensive research into non–toxic printmaking processes, taught dozens of workshops at colleges and universities, received funding to study the integration of digital technology and traditional printmaking practices, and has published her research in the books “The Contemporary Printmaker" and “Non–toxic Intaglio Printmaking", and the British journal “Printmaking Today". More information is available at

Artist Statement

Most of my artwork is an effort to answer my questions about the processes of time; the interplay of transience and permanence; my curiosity about genetics and experience and the roles that nature, nurture, sense and environment all play in shaping identity. I select objects and materials for their symbolic potential. Visual and conceptual dualities underlie the work: mind and body; structure and chaos; word and image; memory and experience; the known and unknown.

Teaching Philosophy

As both an artist and a teacher, I prefer to take an interdisciplinary approach that attempts to match the concerns of content to materials and process. As an instructor I begin with tradition as the foundation, but expand towards innovative processes and ideas in an effort to bridge the gap between traditional media and emerging technologies. I hope to lead students to the point where they can confidently select media in support of their ideas and artistic concerns.


MFA: Vermont College, Montpelier, Vermont.
BFA: Maryland Institute, College of Art, Baltimore, Maryland.