Graduate Forms

Degree Requirements

  • Master of Fine Arts (MFA), Advising Form: pdf | word
  • Curricular Pathway for Part-Time MFA Students: pdf
  • Curricular Pathway for Full-Time MFA Students: pdf
  • Master of Arts (MA) Concentration in Art History, Advising Form: pdf | word
  • Master of Arts (MA) in Studio, Advising Form: pdf | word

Scholarships and Teaching

  • Scholarship Application Form: pdf | word
  • Teaching Assistantship Application Form: pdf | word

Degree Progression

Student Evaluation Committee (SEC)

  • Guidelines for The Student Evaluation Committee (SEC) | word
  • Student Evaluation Committee's Evaluation of Performance Form (Must be printed on green paper) | word
  • Student Evaluation Committee's Evaluation of Performance Sample Form | word


  • Student Internship: pdf l word
  • Visiting Artist Proposal: pdf |word
  • Visiting Artist Sponsor Form: pdf | word
  • Millikan Center Rental: pdf