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Suzanne Lussier


MFA thesis: Galore


Suzanne Lussier received her BA in Art at Gonzaga University before earning a Masters in Teaching Art at American University and studying as a post baccalaureate student in ceramics at Oregon College of Art and Craft. Suzanne grew up in California surrounded by her extended family.  She spent the majority of her free time making art and exploring nature and wildlife in the hills, fields, creeks and orchard surrounding her home.


While working with clay I discover how presentation, ritual, history and culture in ceramics are relevant to myself as an individual. These ideas have led me to reflect upon my heritage and my fascination with heirloom objects and the traditions prevalent both in my family and in our society. With these ideas in mind I create functional pottery that tell my own personal story.
I embellish both wheel thrown and hand built forms, which draw reference from traditions, memories and nostalgic experiences. These are interpreted through their creation to be relevant to what I find beautiful or intriguing about working with clay. Through adornment I create a fascinating platform for the movement of glaze and I bring depth, texture and handcrafted decadence to my work. As I create ceramic objects I focus on natural patterns, narrative, process, intentionality, inquiry, and the language of the materials.