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Tyler Nansen



I was born and raised in the San Francisco Bay Area. As a youth my family would take yearly camping trips throughout the western United States. Our families 1968 Volkswagen bus would transport us places form Death Valley National Park in southern California, to the North Cascades National Park in northern Washington. These amazing and influential road trips would take me and my family to some of the most interesting and diverse natural environment in North American. These trips have had a profound influence on the way I conduct my life. They have also had a great influence on the visual objects that I surround myself with and with the objects that I strive to create.


The forms I create are meticulously constructed with an emphasis on refined lines. By blurring the boundaries between fine art and design, my work emphasizes shape, repetition, and balance, with a nod to architectural forms and the industrial landscape. I use geometric shapes in repetition as an aesthetic tactic to reinforce impressions of order and predictability, as well as to strengthen the concept of controlled form.