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The printmaking division in the School of Art focuses on the creation of prints as an original form of artistic expression. Students explore the unique serial and replicable nature of printmaking to engage with and respond to the creative process, and to work toward greater clarity of concept and extended investigation of process. We are committed to continuing the traditions of the print media while expanding their boundaries through innovation in concept and technique. The printmaking program provides the safest work environment for both students and the environment by exploring and adopting less-toxic processes and materials, without sacrificing any traditional media.

Our varied coursework includes: relief, (including our annual Steamroller print project), intaglio (acrylic & traditional grounds, Image-On), water-based screen-printing, lithography (stone, plate, photo processes, waterless litho), collagraph, digital media, mixed-media printmaking, installation and the book arts.


The printmaking area has four relief/intaglio presses, acid room, three lithographic presses, lithographic stones, a screen-printing area with back-lit wash-out booth, power washers, large photographic vacuum exposure unit, In addition, students have access to a MAC lab, Clean room/Print Archive & Matting area equipped with a large Fletcher matt cutter. The main printmaking studio is located on the fourth floor of the Fine Arts Building in a well-lit studio with beautiful views of the Bitterroot Mountains, with a second print studio for BFA and graduate students located on the first floor.


James Bailey, Professor
Elizabeth Dove, Professor

Graduate Program in Printmaking

The University of Montana’s graduate program in printmaking offers an intimate graduate experience for the independent, self-directed student. The program focuses on individual studio practice, working towards the development of visual language, material processes and conceptual approaches relevant to the individual student’s intentions and sensibilities. Graduate students also get the opportunity to work with visiting artists in printmaking through MATRIX Press.

Graduate students have 24-hour access to all the printmaking facilities, and enjoy private and semi-private studios adjacent to either the main print studio or Graduate/B.F.A. print studio.

Visiting Artists in Printmaking

Visiting artists in printmaking have included: Tom Huck, Tony Fitzpatrick, Miriam Schapiro, Richard Mock, John Armstrong, James Todd, Anita Jung, Tom Christenson, Mary Farrell, Peter Von Tiesenhausen, Kevin Haas, Antonia Contro, Larry Anderson, Jerald Krepps.

Graduate and undergraduate students have the opportunity to work with nationally known artists, in the creation of prints through MATRIX Press.

Matrix Press/Visiting Artist Program in printmaking website

Projects and Resources

Day of the Dead Steamroller Print Project
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