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Begin Your Journey
at the Bitterroot College

  • Convenient
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Looking to earn a Bachelor's Degree?

  • Complete your General Education Core classes at the BC, then transfer to the UM or MSU or any other Montana university to earn your Bachelor's Degree
  • Complete your Associate of Arts degree at the BC, then transfer anywhere to earn your Bachelor's Degree

Looking to earn an Occupational Certificate
or Applied Associate's Degree?

  • Finish your prerequisites and general education coursework for Certificates and Applied Associate degrees at the BC, then transfer to Missoula College or another 2-year institution to complete your degree

Choose from over 200 UMOnline courses each semester to supplement college coursework in Health Care, Business Technology, Applied Computers, and Transfer degrees

Choose from dozens of Continuing Education classes each year to help you secure a job, further your career, or pursue a personal interest - no college admission needed!

Start Your Journey - Enroll NOW!