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Paying for College

Finalizing (Paying) Registration Bill

Bitterroot College students finalize (pay) their registration bills using the UM's CyberBear online system.

To finalize your registration bill via CyberBear, complete the following steps:

First, you must accept or decline your Financial Aid Award

Second, you must complete all Unsatisfied Disbursement Requirements

Now you can:

  1. Log on to your OneStop account
  2. Log on to your CyberBear account
  3. Click on the Student Services tab
  4. Click on the Payment and Account Information header
  5. Click on the Pay and Finalize Your Registration Bill header
  6. Click on the Pay/Finalize Registration Bill button
    • If your financial aid is available, you will receive the message: Congratulations you have finalized your registration bill
    • If your financial aid is not yet available, you will be asked to Make an Electronic Payment – at this point STOP, exit the pay/finalize window, and try finalizing your bill at a later date (try for several days in a row until you are successful)
    • If you are unable to finalize but have the option to Save My Classes to avoid cancellation of classes due to a pending finalization deadline, click on Save My Classes button and then return to try to finalize your registration bill each day until you are successful

Once you have successfully finalized your registration bill, your bill will continue to show that a balance is owed until your Financial Aid award is deposited into your account by the Financial Aid Office. This may take days (or even weeks). Don’t panic! As long as you have finalized your bill, you will not be charged any late fees and you will not be dropped from your classes. Once your award has been deposited in your account, your balance will show as either $0 or negative dollars (example: −$750); a negative balance is the amount of your Financial Aid Refund.

Download printable finalizing instructions (also includes instructions for accepting financial aid award, registering for classes, and obtaining financial refund)

Useful Finalizing Registration Bill Links

For more information on finalizing your registration bill, visit UM Business Services